JSET is a comprehensive industrial solution provider based on process design, integrating R&D, manufacturing, and final assembly. The main focus areas include organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, agricultural chemicals, biochemicals, chemical intermediates, etc. Adhering to the concept of technological development and sustainable development, it is our unremitting goal and pursuit to create innovative and comprehensive industrial solutions in an efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and intelligent way.


JSET is affiliated to Shanghai SAWEI Investment and Development Co., Ltd., and has carried out multi-party cooperation in response to the Chinese government-led "One Belt One Road", "Capacity Output", "Lucid waters and lush mountains" and other policies. It is mainly engaged in the investment and development of technologies and projects in the chemical, environmental protection and other fields. The projects involved include mainland China, Central Asia and the Middle East, South Asia, etc.


At the beginning of its establishment, JSET established cooperation with Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry、Chinese Academy of Sciences、Shanghai Research Institute of Sinopec, Nanjing Engineering Company of Sinopec、Shanghai Institute of Chemistry、School of Biological Engineering of ECUST( East China University of Science and Technology) and School of Chemistry of ECUST and so on. So far, it has carried out projects such as the Malinong Compound Fertilizer Project in Africa, the Potassium Sulfate Fertilizer Project in the Philippines, the protein production by the biological fermentation of carbon-containing gas in Central Asia, and the protein production by the Southeast Asia palm oil biological fermentation.


While relying on our own technological advantages, we also rely on the advantages of the equipment manufacturing industry in China’s Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt and Jiangsu region, and give full play to the principle of mutual benefit between industries to achieve technological advances in the fields of agricultural fertilizers, chemical intermediates, and biological agents. Continuous innovation and optimization of the company help customers win competitiveness in the global market.


In mature technical fields, including fertilizer projects such as phosphorus chemical industry, sulfide industry, ammonium phosphate, compound fertilizer potassium sulfate, etc., we have complete technical solutions. Through cooperation with returned experts such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, We have developed professional and reliable complete equipment solutions in the environmentally friendly recycling industrialization fields such as carbon-containing waste gas and waste grease.

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